Dealing with Water Drainage in Your Yard

Is water buildup causing problems in your yard?
Have you developed waterfront property as a result of rain and snow?

When water is not draining properly in your yard or landscaped areas and the result is standing water, a drainage system can help remove the water. 

The right system for your needs

Poor yard drainage can lead to flooding on and around outside landscaping. Additionally, poor yard drainage can lead to interior basement flooding, water leaks, and foundation problems. Addressing potential drainage problems will help prevent serious drainage problems and damage in the future. Therefore, based on the problem we recommend using a combination of surface water drainage systems and below ground drainage systems as needed to control water drainage problems.

  • Surface Water Drainage Systems pull excess water from hardscapes, planting beds, or any areas where water tends to collect. They provide a set path along which the water should flow. This can include the use of catch basins, which will then direct water to an underground drainage system.
  • Below Ground Drainage Systems prevent erosion and water from saturating plants or lawns. The underground drainage system pulls water from saturated yards and carries it out to a collection pit, drain line, or drain swale.

Keep in mind that yard drainage systems need to be installed according to city or town codes and regulations. Plus, it needs to be designed so that it isn’t creating problems somewhere else in the area.

If you are interested in learning how we can address your water drainage problems or to receive an estimate for your landscaping and drainage system installation services, please contact us today.